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We use laser spectroscopy to explore the nature of photoexcitations in novel semiconductor materials and nanostructures for optoelectronics.

Our setups record the properties and recombination dynamics of electronic excitations in semiconductors with high temporal and spatial resolution.


Ultrafast time-resolved photoluminescence


  • Detection of broadband photoluminescence from UV to NIR region
  • Tuneable excitation from the UV to NIR 
  • Temporal resolution ~200fs


Ultrafast transient absorption


  • Excitation and probing of electrical states with energies in the UV, visible and infrared region
  • Detection of electronic state recombination from femtosecond to millisecond regime
  • Temporal resolution ~20fs

Photoluminescence and photocurrent microscopy


  • Excitation and probing of photoexcitations and photocurrent with sub-micron spatial resolution
  • Detection of recombination dynamics from picosecond to microsecond regime

Material characterization

  • X-ray diffraction for crystallographic analysis
  • Time-correlated single photon counting and photon statistics
  • Intensified CCD cameras for luminescence kinetics on nanosecond to millisecond lifetimes
  • Raman spectroscopy

Sample fabrication 

  • Shared thin film and nanofabrication labs and cleanroom
  • Shared light-emitting diode and solar cell testing stations