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Sean Bourelle

Sean Bourelle

PhD Candidate


Sean completed an MPhys (First Class) at the University of St Andrews, before joining the Cambridge Graphene Center as a Graphene CDT student. After completion of an MRes (Distinction)  Sean became a member of the Deschler Group in the Cavendish Laboratories. His research is focused on the study of novel 2d perovskite structures for use within optoelectronic and spintronic devices. This class of materials forms self-assembled 2d quantum well structures that are electronically and spatially separated from one another by organic cations. These structures rely on scalable solution processing—granting an advantage over existing technologies. The electronic states are tuned via chemical composition, by tuning from monolayer quantum wells through to bulk perovskite and by changing the ions used within the crystal lattice.

The project aims to investigate the nature and dynamics of the electronic states within these materials—and at the interfaces with other semiconductors—using ultrafast spectroscopic methods. These methods include femtosecond broadband photoluminescence and transient absorption, which can detect the dynamics of spin-polarised states through circularly-polarised excitation and emission measurements.

Sean’s work is also in collaboration with the Sirringhaus Group and the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory.

Research Interests

2d Materials